Double Your Freelancing Rate in 14 Days

The complete guide to getting paid more as a freelancer.

You want to charge your clients more, but you're unsure about where to start. Most of us are clueless when it comes to pricing. Sure, we're great technically — we can design a beautiful site, craft solid code, or write great copy — but we're not all the great at selling ourselves at a higher rate.

What if you knew what clients were looking for? What if you had a framework for proposing projects at significantly higher rates than you're charging today? What if you knew how to respond to pushback?

What would raising your rates do for you this year?

You bill $ and work hours a week...
  • A 50% increase in rates will bring you $ more this year
    (or 5 X)
  • A 100% increase in rates will bring you $ more this year
    (or 12 X)
  • A 200% increase in rates will bring you $ more this year
    (or 52 X)

What if you could double your freelancing income within the next two weeks?

Over the last two years, my course has helped over 5,200 freelancers earn more money for the same amount of effort. Like you, they became a freelancer because they wanted more freedom and flexibility. But too many of us just reverse engineer our previous salaries or use a "rate calculator" to figure out what we should be charging, and end up worse off than we were when we had a full time job!

“I was stuck in the mindset of focusing on my price. After reading DYFR, I focused in on the value I could provide to my clients, strategies and tactics that could add $10,000 or $100,000 in revenue to one of my clients' businesses.”
Kai D. raised his rates by 443%

What took me 3 years and $1,000,000+ in lost revenue to figure out:

Hi, I'm Brennan Dunn. And I was a lot like you.

I didn't want to "push my luck". I felt that if I charged too much, I'd lose my clients... and I'd be out of work.

Having worked with thousands of freelancers over the last few years, I've realized this is the #1 reason why freelancers are underpaid, struggle with cashflow, and end up more stressed than they ever were back in the cubicle. It's all due to fear and self-doubt. That feeling of: "I don't want to screw this up."

As demand for my work grew, I started to build a team. Before I knew it, I had 11 full time employees working for me. This gave me a ton of exposure to a lot of clients and their projects.

I started to really dig into why we were winning some projects and losing others. I began talking to clients and fellow agency owners to figure out why some people were, in my mind, "getting away with" charging significantly higher than their competition.

Here's what I walked away with:

  • Good clients don't always go for the lowest price.
  • The price you quote is factored into your "risk profile", and if you can reduce risk through other means you can raise your prices without losing clients.
  • How you position yourself and your services is everything. (Hint: Don't call yourself a freelancer!)
  • Successful consultants never negotiate on price.
  • Cheap overseas labor isn't going to put us out of business, but it can if you're a commodity.

I discovered positioning is everything — and raised my rate 500%

I was able to raise my rates (and my team's rate) from $50 an hour to over $250 an hour. And there's no reason you can't also.

Once you're able to understand why people buy you'll be able to reposition your services and price in a way that is best for you AND your client. Here's the thing: No one has ever hired you for your design, development, marketing, writing, etc. skills. Clients don't care about that — but we do... it took us years to get to where we are now!

Clients want to understand how you're going to be an investment. They want to make sure that if they pay you that they make more than they're paying.

This means you need to understand the problem behind each project. I like to call this the "proxy pain". What's really making someone willing to take out their checkbook and pay you?

Included: Everything you need to raise your rates

In this course, I go into depth on how to do just this. It's not just about "doubling your rates" — it's about making your clients happier, which in turn makes you more respected by them and gives you the flexibility and freedom that made you become a freelancer in the first place!

  • Over 100+ pages of step-by-step strategies on rewiring the way you run your freelancing business.
  • Worksheets that help you take action and put the material to use.
  • A one month personal accountability course where I — the author — will followup and ensure that you have, or are working on, raising your rates.
  • BONUS: 7 interviews with premium consultants who are billing upwards of $200 an hour. Steve Corona, Eric Davis, Tim Connor, Ryan McGeary, Brook Riggio, Stephen Ou, Jim Gay

My comprehensive course is guaranteed to help you totally transform your business, or I'll refund you in full.

If you're looking to really accelerate how you do things — including securing future income through high-value, low-input retainer packages — I've put together a premium program that includes everything I listed above and...

  • Video interviews with every testimonial on this page. You'll see exactly how each of my students has implemented DYFR, and what challenges they faced along the way.
  • A 1.5 hour video course on writing proposals that close 2-3x higher than average.
  • A mini-course on retainers. This will give your business recurring, predictable revenue and will eliminate the need to always be selling that next client!

Where will your business be 2 weeks from now?

Have you ever walked into a bookstore, picked up an interesting business book, flipped through it and couldn't wait to get home and devour it in one sitting... only to have it end up, unread, in a box in the attic?

When you buy Double Your Freelancing Rate, you automatically get added to my Nag List. This means I'll be personally following up with you to see if you're stuck, answer any questions, and provide some added content and accountability.

I want you to succeed. I want you to make a ton of money after reading the content and incorporating it into your business. And the only reason you've read this far is because you're unhappy with your rate, and know it should be higher. I'm going to help you do that.

So what will you be charging two weeks from now? Is it what you've been charging for weeks, months, and maybe even years? Or are you going to double your freelancing rate?

Complete Package
  • Start-to-finish workbook + 7 bonus interviews
  • Actionable worksheets
  • One month followup + accountability course
  • 10+ video case studies with every testimonial on this page + more
  • 1.5 hour video course on proposal writing
  • Course on creating retainers (valued at $250)
  • LIMITED QUANTITY: First 100 orders will get a 30 minute rate consultation with me (I typically charge $400 an hour for this)
  • Items in bold will be released in May 2014. Basic Package items delivered immediately.
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If you're billing $50/hour, pays for itself in 1 hour at your new rate
Basic Package
  • Start-to-finish workbook + 7 bonus interviews
  • Actionable worksheets
  • One month followup + accountability course
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If you're billing $50/hour, pays for itself in 1 hour at your new rate

What if I get nothing out of this?

The current course is the result of over two years of sales and hundreds of discussions with customers. If you're a freelancer — it doesn't matter what you do as a freelancer — and want to equip yourself with the knowhow to charge more, I designed this course for you.

I've also recently taken steps to help ensure that each customer is kept accountable. I don't want you to pay me and that be it. I want you to pay me and make a significant return on your investment. So I've included a followup accountability course to help keep you on track and motivated.

But there's never a "one-size-fits-all" solution to anything. So if you do buy my course, do the work, and get no results, simply send me an email for a full 100% moneyback guarantee.